Stage 2 Rubrics

Continuation of Backward Planning Design - Stage 2

Sharing of Blogs

Team 2 - Chapters 3, 4 UbD/DI and Chapters 3, 4 MI

Sharing of Abstracts and Reflections

Chapter 10 MI and Chapter 4, 5, 6 FIAE.

Sharing of Performance Task

Present your Performance Task to your team members and providing feedback to one another.


Creativity, the new NEW (Novel, Effective, Whole)


Is a scoring guide that list the criteria for a piece of work and show what counts. Each criteria is divided into levels with a detailed description for each level of performance.

Analytic Rubrics

Can be used for grading a large variety of assignments and tasks, such as Research papers, discussion participation, lab reports, portfolios, group work, oral presentation, etc…external image empty.png Rubric.xls

Holistic Rubrics

Is a scoring guide that provides an overall impression of a student’s work and yields a single score or rating for the product or performance.

Video Rubistar

Stage 2

Assessment Task Blueprint

Other Evidence - Summative

Self-Assessment and Reflection - Formative

Assessing Stage 2

B. Stage 2 (30 points) Standard #6, #11, CE
• Performance Task using GRASPS, Other Evidence, Self-Assessment and Reflection. (18 points)
• Design two rubrics for the performance task. (6 points)
• Assessment Task Blueprint - What understandings/goals will be assessed through this task? Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate understanding? What student products/performance will provide evidence of desired understanding? By what criteria will student products and/or performance be evaluated? (6 points)


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WebQuest This site provides a unified gateway to the resources previously linked to the WebQuest Page at San Diego State University and those at the portal at WebQuest.Org.
Zunal Content area examples of WebQuest.
RubiStar Is a free website which allows you to create and download rubrics for your performance task. This site is made available from a federal grant for teachers.
Teach4Learning Use the Rubric Maker to make customized assessments for student work.
Intel's Assessment Library Includes pre-made, classroom-tested checklists, rubrics, and scoring guides on thinking skills, processes, products, and performances.
Rcampus A gallery of rubrics.